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Electric Beauty plugged in during the Spring of 2017. Three old friends who played music together on and off for years in Minnepolis started a new phase. The plan was a writing and recording workshop to experiment with the currrents that had influenced their musical development. Take all those years of rock n’ roll that had inspired and excited them. Mix it up and see what comes out. The fruits of their labor is this collection of songs. 

Electric Beauty are Charlie Pine, Wayne Hasti & Jim Tollefsrud. Believers first and foremost of the magic in great pop music. And the power of a good song. Wayne says their influences “are The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bowie, The Byrds and that’s only the B’s.” Simply put the list is long and varied. 

These songs are all short and sweet. They know when it’s time to go. Results of rehearsals and demo sessions over a year and half. Here are twelve that made the cut to be recorded with more to be done in the future. It’s a wide ranging bunch from catchy guitar and keys-based vocal tracks to slightly Bowiesque instrumentals.  The chemistry during the sessions was palpable. It was all good, clean fun.

Wayne played all the guitars (very nicely thank you), bass, sang two of his songs and contributed three instrumentals.  Known for his time in underground legend NNB, The Ben Day Dots, The Now Explosion and The Singing None. He’s an instinctively creative lightning rod who hears the right parts and sounds, and knows how to use them. A true master of brevity.  

Charlie wrote seven songs, co-wrote an instrumental, sang lead vocals and played keyboards. For a brief time he was the original fourth member of Husker Du, playing on their first couple gigs. He spent five years as the first manager and producer of The Jayhawks. Started playing again in the early ‘90s. In and out of many scenes, the longest was The Tuesday Welders (with Jim on drums) for 15 years post -2000. 

Jim Tollesfrud played the drums and engineered the recording sessions (count us in please). He’s been an in demand drummer in the Twin Cities for years with influential groups such as NNB, Safety Last and The Front Porch Swinging Liquor Pigs. His no-nonsense style behind a drum kit underpins every track on this album. The embracer of the beat.  

Electric Beauty. A 60 watt light bulb hanging from the ceiling. You might’ve heard this before somewhere in a dream. Now it’s time to wake up. 

Jim              Charlie                Wayne
Photos by David Tanner
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