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New Single "I Go To Pieces!"

The Debut Album Here!




"Modern Lovers, the new single for Electric Beauty, follows up with the same finesse and style as their first one ("Cindy's Gone Away"). Melodies reminiscent of the 60s & 70s but without feeling dated. This is a band with stories to tell. The song is heartfelt and has a massive appeal in every beat, note and word. And I love it!"

Wayne Lundqvist Ford (The Ice Cream Man Power Pop Show)


"The members of Electric Beauty have been around and back again. Veterans of countless musical ventures over the decades, this current project is about having fun and it shows on their self-titled debut. The songs have all got the earnest yet easygoing feel of players comfortable with each other. Check out the vocal on "Cindy's Gone Away," it's so raw and unfiltered but it works fabulously with the straight up poppy rock and roll accompaniment. I also love the lead guitar line that hooks you into "Modern Lovers." It's so classic. Again the vocal here has a directness I associate with likes of Dion or Del Shannon (in non-falsetto mode). Electric Beauty is an album that will fit you like a favorite old sweater: familiar, comfortable,enjoyable. Welcome back boys."­

Dennis Pilon (


"'Cindy's Gone Away' is a fantastic track with a conversational lyric style and a chill rock instrumental. The band puts storytelling front and center here, capturing the listener with their lyrics and adding emotional texture through the music behind it. Piano, bass, drums and guitar provide a pillowy bed of indie rock bliss to support the vocals. This song was the first single off the band's debut self-titled album."

Jonathan Fuller (Melodic Noise Media)


"Fans of well-constructed pop songs performed by a skilled four-piece rock band will enjoy Electric Beauty, the debut album by the Minneapolis band of the same name...Though their roots are in the Twin Cities punk/new wave scene, the sounds on Electric Beauty are more pop- keyboard oriented, supported by strong rhythm tracks. Vocally there's hints of Brian Wilson and R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, though the focus is truly on melody and rhythm. Hasti's guitar weaves in and out of the songs for flavor and emphasis, rather than dominating. There's nothing pretentious about the music; these are brief, sturdy pop-rock songs that have ear-worm potential."

Rick Shefchik (author & journalist)


"The first thing I noticed about this fine LP is that sound! The sound – post Small Faces, naive, smart, honest tune smithery of old. It's that early sound that is so great throughout. The songs – nobody writes like that now – besides the pre-Faces, there's the feel of early Moody Blues, Procol Harum, Harrison, Ronnie Lane, all done with such warm charm, wit, stand outdrumming and lovely stripped down performances. I really had fun listening to Electric Beauty, what a trip!"

Charlie Lawson ( The Swamp Twisters)


"I found myself listening to all of the hooks and textures on these well-played tunes. All of them - especially the three instrumentals – use just the right amount of guitar and keyboards, and Tollefsrud knows when to play and when not to."

Charlie Ricci ( Bloggerhythms )


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The Clint Beechwood Show

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